You Can Hear the Whistle Blow

This paper is an important contribution to the significant extant issues, including that of public safety, surrounding the ongoing redesign of health and social care services in Skye, Lochalsh and South West Ross. The paper is entitled “You can hear the whistle blow” and demonstrates what a fantastic asset Portree Hospital can be for the North Skye community and particularly for the only tonwship in Skye, Lochalsh and South West Ross, namely Portree. The paper demonstrates how managers have run the service in Portree down to pay for the new Hospital in Broadford, with all of what this implies for health care in North Skye. The author, who as a clinician, has a detailed knowledge of the rise and fall of Portree as a hospital and the paper is a must read for all who live, work and intend visiting this area.

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